Tabitha Naylor-How B2B Companies Grow Their Businesses

Tabitha Naylor owns a marketing agency that started as a one-woman shop and grew into a team of high-quality independent contractors who are experts in their respective fields. The agency provides marketing solutions to B2B and B2C clients that help build brand awareness and generate leads, sales and revenue through a strategic marketing approach.

Tabitha Naylor B2B Business Ideas

She built the business by focusing first on delivering outstanding content. According to Tabitha, “I think that’s the key to any successful marketing agency, because without establishing your credibility through content that is valuable and useful to consumers, you can’t attract clients. But I think it really helped that I look at things from both a sales and marketing perspective. I’ve worked in sales for a variety of industries, so I understand the synergy between marketing and sales, and how one hand must feed the other.”

When asked anout her state on company’s development, Tabitha Clearwater proudly told, “My company has also grown because I’m very particular about the clients I work with, and by delivering services that they find valuable and effective, they refer me to other clients that match the profile I want for my business. I think it’s essential to build word-of-mouth through referrals, and I’ve also invested heavily in engaging marketing influencers, which conveys credibility and authority in the industry.”

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