Tabitha Jean Naylor : Improve the Results of Your Marketing Automation

If you’re neck-deep in the digital game, you know by now that you can’t afford not to use marketing automation to engage customers and drive them to your site. And there’s a lot of information out there about how to maximize and optimize your marketing automation, but there are two things I’ve found that can really improve your automation strategy: personalizing your subscriber emails and social media posts, and focusing on HTML versus text email in your list-building strategies.


What do I mean by personalizing your posts and email marketing? It’s simply making sure that you engage with your subscribers by asking them directly in a newsletter email or social media post why they signed up for your list or why they engage with your company on social media, and what type of content is most valuable to them. Even if you only get one out of every 10 subscribers and followers to respond, you’ll still get a fairly good picture of what matters to them, what they need and want, and how you can adjust your content to offer a truly personal experience based on your research.

Another thing I think is really important is making sure that your email marketing utilizes HTML instead of text mail. With HTML, you got awesome images and fancy fonts that are vital to engaging your subscribers, and let’s face it; a lot of the people on your list will read your emails through mobile devices that are optimized for HTML. We live in a digital world that’s driven on bold, eye-catching visuals. Imagery has largely replaced written content, so a strong visual sense combined with outstanding and valuable content can really boost your marketing automation.

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