Tabitha Jean Naylor Clearwater : 6 Free Image Tools For Creating Stunning Visual Content

It’s no secret that visual content grabs the attention of audiences better than any other form of content. Humans are visual animals. We process images faster than we can read text or listen to speech. There is great truth to the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Numbers are constantly changing, but if we look at social media statistics, updates with visual content outperform all others by a large margin. It is estimated that Facebook posts with images get 179% more interaction than those without. On Twitter, photos command 57% of the total engagement won by brands there. Overall, 66% of all content that is shared by social media users contains some kind of imagery.

6 Free Image Tools For Creating Stunning

The bottom line is easy to understand. If you want to stand out, communicate better with your audience, and push your online marketing to its maximum potential, you’re going to need to create and distribute visual content.

To that end, here are some of the best free tools you can find to help you create stunning images that will make your content stand out in the crowd:



Complete with all of the basic, and even not so basic, features that you’d find in most image editors, Pixlr is free to use and available in your browser, as a desktop application and even a mobile app. You can add text, resize, crop and do everything you would do in most image editors without all the extra clutter and complicated settings.


Memes are arguably the most circulated form of visual content on the Internet today. You’ll find them on social sites, forums, in blog posts and just about everywhere else. If you want to put together a few of your own in no time at all, Memecrunch will make it happen.


PixTeller is great for putting together easily shareable combinations of text and images. You’ve probably seen tons of their images already, shared as inspirational or comical quotes over a hi-res background image. They make it fast and easy to put together beautiful images with plenty of choices for fonts and images to start with. They’ve also got templates for Facebook cover images, banner ads, and even full A4 document size posters.


QuotesCover is another editor designed for helping you turn words into beautiful images. You can start with a simple quote, or phrase of your own, and then go through what seems like an endless stream of design options to come up with something truly unique. Templates are waiting to help you make shareable images, social media covers, blog post titles and more.


PicMonkey is a great free photo editor. There are plenty of easy to use tools to help you make your regular old photos look like they were pro shot and ready for the front cover of a magazine. You can edit online, and they’ve also got a mobile app available. Some of the more complex features will require a paid membership, but you can do some amazing things with their free offering.


Canva combines a powerful browser-based image editor with a truckload of templates to create just about any type of image you can think of. From social covers, to memes, to logos and more, you can do almost anything with Canva. Work with their amazing selection of free and paid images or upload your own. It’s a one stop shop for everything you’ll need to create images for any purpose.

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