Tabitha Jean Naylor Clearwater : 4 Ways Real Networking Helps You Grow

Marketing in the modern world has become a complex beast. If you ask ten different people what exactly marketing is, you’ll get ten different answers. Most of those answers will undoubtedly have some connection to digital marketing — websites, social media, email, etc.

In fact, so much marketing effort is put into the digital channels these days that many of the “old school” ways of doing things have been almost forgotten. It’s a shame, because a lot of those old school ideas still work, and work very well.

The digital world let’s more people do things on their own, and many people try do just that. In fact, people try so hard to do things on their own that it becomes a problem as they try to do everything on their own. Many have forgotten about all of the benefits available to them through good old fashioned networking. Getting back to basics and working on real connections and relationships through networking can help you reach the next level, and here’s why:

Networking Is Affordable

Some networking events charge a fee for entry, but many are also free. Even for those that charge, the opportunities you run across are often worth the price of admission. Everyone is there because they are interested in doing something. You don’t have to hunt down leads, they are all leads.

Face to face networking with people who are interested in what you are doing is priceless. You’re getting a targeted audience handed to you. You can find more opportunities during one or two hours in a room with like minded individuals than you’ll find in one or two months on Facebook and Twitter.

You Can Find Mentors Through Networking

Everyone you meet is going to be at a different stage in the game. You will constantly meet people who’ve been exactly where you are now. You’ll have one opportunity after another to hear what others have done. You’ll find shortcuts to their successes and paths around their mistakes.

Whether someone becomes a close partner and coaches you for months, or they just give you one 30 second piece of advice, being able to learn from the experience of others is invaluable.

You Will Gain Knowledge And Authority

There is always something to learn, no matter what industry you are in. The more people you talk to, the more you will learn. With access to real people, you’ll gain knowledge far beyond what can be found on websites or in newspapers.

As you become more aware of issues and trends in your industry, not only will you become more agile and efficient, you’ll become the one others seek out when they need someone in the know.

Networking Leads To Referrals

You’re not just meeting other people, they are meeting you too. The better you are known within your industry’s circles, the better the chance that other people will refer to you when someone asks them who they need to talk to. Every casual connection has the potential to hand you a deal that takes you to another level.

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