Tabitha Jean Naylor Clearwater : 3 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a big part of marketing these days. As a leading social platform it can play a role in just about every stage of a marketing campaign. From finding new leads to providing support for existing customers, Facebook has found it’s way into the daily business of many companies.


While there are many opportunities for profit and growth on Facebook, there is also a lot of room for blunders and mistakes too. The secret to getting the most out of Facebook for your business is, of course, taking advantage of the former and avoiding the latter as much as possible.

Here are some common mistakes that can lower the effectiveness of your efforts to get the most out of Facebook.

You’re Focusing Too Much On Likes

“Likes” on a page are the most obvious sign that Facebook users are following your brand, but it’s not really the most important factor. Those who like and follow your page form a base of users that will see your updates and posts, but they are really just a starting point.

Of course, the more likes you have for your page, the better, but what you should be working on the most is creating content that people will share with their own connections. This is what is going to bring in new customers. This is the word-of-mouth advertising of the modern age. If you create content that people want to share, they will do your marketing for you. They will pass your content along to their friends and provide more reach than you have on your own.

You’re Doing Too Much Promotion

Of course, the whole idea of setting up a presence on Facebook is to promote your brand. This, however, is not the reason Facebook users will decide to follow your page and share it with others.

Facebook users are looking for something that entertains or informs them. Most of all, they’re looking for something they can interact with. If your page is nothing but self-promoting sales pitches, nobody has any reason to latch on and follow along. In short, people aren’t going to share a giant commercial with their friends.

You have to give people some kind of value. Posts can tie in to your product, and some posts can be full on advertisements, but you’ll need to break things up and provide things that are of genuine interest. Look for things your own friends share that are coming from various brands to get an idea of what could work.

You’re Using Too Many Words

It’s been shown that posts that are less than 250 characters create the most engagement. Facebook users are looking through a tremendous amount of information when they browse the site. They aren’t going to sit and read through an entire paragraph to see what you’re talking about.

If you’ve got something to say, put it in a blog post and then create a short, succinct update on Facebook to grab the user’s attention and get them to the blog for more in-depth information. Don’t forget to make use of pictures as well. A few words that get right to the point and an interesting picture (or short video) that grabs attention will bring the most interaction from Facebook users.

It’s Not You, It’s Them

Like all social networks, you have to remember that your focus needs to be on the users and what they want. If you’re too focused on yourself, you’re going to lose whatever audience you have and find it harder to attract any new followers.

The best part about social networks is that fans and followers will often tell you exactly what they want, all you have to do is listen and use that information to shape your marketing techniques.

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